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Pastor Lynette Dutton is a very fortunate individual. Having been exposed to and worked with some great leaders through her life (and at times some not so great) it has caused a passion to rise in her to become the best leader possible.  Empowering others to achieve success and significance in their life’s pursuit is at the heart of what makes her who she is.  Pastor Dutton completed her coaching certification through Dream Releaser Coaching by Dr. Samuel Chand in 2011 and continuing her pursuit for leadership excellence, she was led to join the John Maxwell team in 2012.


Pastor Lynette Dutton has spent the last twenty years in leadership roles both in Corporate America and in the Church.  From Bank Manager with Wachovia Bank and District Sales Leader with Aflac (both being fortune five hundred companies), to being a church planter and Pastor; it’s all given her a unique perception as a consultant, coach and trainer. In addition to that, her favorite job is being a wife and a mother.  At times it can get a little crazy juggling everything but she works to maintain balance in her life and career, all the while keeping God at the very center of it all. 



It’s through these experiences that she has sought to learn and apply leadership principles to every area of her life.  In doing so she has been able to achieve enhanced productivity, create strategic solutions and maximize her effectiveness as a leader among leaders.


Take a moment to check out Pastor Lynette Dutton's website.

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