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Dear Partners and Friends,

FACEBOOK ... keeps censoring and blocking us. Youtube has given us another STRIKE on our account, taking down this past month, October 2022, a Tuesday LIVE we did in January 2020 on "Why The Prophets Didn't Miss It". This harassment is now become a weekly ordeal. This week they locked down every admin on my ministry pages for 48 hours and locked me up in FB JAIL for three days, with the threats to take our Social Media Platforms down. Welcome to the United States of China. #CensorshipIsReal

AGAIN, I have to tell Ministers everywhere, if you're depending on facebook alone, or social media alone, to get the Gospel Preached in all the world, you are going to be sadly disappointed; especially when you see just how FREE you think you are to speak of Sound Biblical Doctrine in 2022 and any kind of DOMINION/KINGDOM teaching will always threaten them, because their hearts are evil.

Romans 14:16 Apostle Paul tells the Church at Rome, "Therefore do not let your good be spoken of as evil" - But I assure you the social mafia will do all they can to censor us and block, even with lies about us, because we refuse bend and bow at their wokeness.

Last month we shared a "new teaching series" flyer. There were three people on the flyer. Lynette, myself and a stock photo from Canva (a graphics app) of the FACE of a beautiful African American lady, and she had a purple shirt on up to her neck. FB Bots said we shared Pornography and took down our teaching series flyer. I wasn't naked. Lynette wasn't naked. Canva stock flyers and photos are not x rated pictures. IT WAS ALL A HUGE LIE! ...and they wouldn't even allow us to appeal it. So, me being the rebel I am, I shared it again. And they flagged it again and gave me another week of FB Jail.

Witches are following those of us teaching Kingdom Truths, too. Don't think for one moment the demonic world is happy about you being able to spread the Gospel. They are reporting everything we post as hate speech, and against the policies and "standards" of Facebook and Youtube. And the evil FB Bots are approving all of them as their FACT CHECKING JUDGES. You better believe with this critical Mid-Term election coming this month, and a general election gearing up over the next two years... they will be against everything we say. They know the TRUTH... they know some preachers won't say it. But they know this SC Boy will. The 2020 election was a lie-- and the wool was pulled over the eyes of so many by listening to the "false prophet" called social media and mainstream news.

This is why we are building the new 4K Studio. This is why we are putting Print Presses in and looking to be on satellite and radio. This is why I need Spirit Filled journalist and news anchors. This is why I'm looking for PROPHETS who will tell Jezebel where to go! We are building the Dominion Global Media Group. And I need your help! Join us today! PROPHETS, inquire about broadcasting with us in 2023. Help us raise the monies we need for the Construction Loan Closing in December. Pastors, take up an offering and count this a missions and evangelism in your church. Business owners, sow now and get the tax receipt you need for 2022. What we can't do alone, together we can accomplish for the Kingdom of God.

This is our mission, this is our PURPOSE!!! This is the Kingdom of God in action NOW!!! Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom into all the world. 163 Nations watched DTV in 2021!!! Let's reach every country, city and home.

I need your help NOW. Please consider sowing $1000 or $500 to the 65K closing monies. Some of you can sow even more. Every seed is significant. Larger seeds are strategic! Thank you. GO NOW TO: and give your very best. -all gifts are tax deductible with our 501c3 at Dominion Harvest Ministries, Inc.

Dr. Joseph H. Dutton

CEO at Dominion TV

Watch the video from Tuesday's Teaching - "The Future of Kingdom Broadcasting".

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